Trackster Project

Hi I am finishing up on my Trackster project on Codecademy. I want to make my listeners number look nice by formatting it using numeral.js. I have tried it on my js code but it doesn’t work.

Trackster.renderTracks = function(tracks) {
  var $trackList = $("#track-list");


  for (var trackIndex = 0; trackIndex < tracks.length; trackIndex++) {
    var track = tracks[trackIndex];
    var mediumAlbumArt = track.image[1]["#text"];
    var formatListeners = numeral(track.listeners).format('0,0');

    var htmlTrackRow =
      '<div class="row track">' +
      '  <div class="col-xs-1 col-xs-offset-1 play-button">' +
      '    <a href="'+ track.url + '" target="_blank">' +
      '      <i class="fa fa-play-circle-o fa-2x"></i>' +
      '    </a>' +
      '  </div>' +
      '  <div class="col-xs-4">' + + '</div>' +
      '  <div class="col-xs-2">' + track.artist + '</div>' +
      '  <div class="col-xs-2"><img src="' + mediumAlbumArt + '"/></div>' +
      '  <div class="col-xs-2">' + formatListeners + '</div>' +


Does anyone have any clue why it isn’t working correctly?

I am using
and full project GitHub is

Thanks in advance.

I couldn’t get your live site to function at all in terms of displaying tracks…

What about it doesn’t work? What’s it doing instead of what you want it to?

The live site does work. I just tried it again, I would like to format the results of listeners so instead of display results like 12300 it would be like 12,300

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