Tracking/competing with friends

Today with my friend we’ve been talking it would be cool to have an easy way to compare our progress. Duo Lingo has something like that - you can see who got more points in last 7 days/total time.

One fails to see the importance of this. It makes learning a speed-based process, which is not the way we should treat it. Everyone learns at a different pace.

Better to study the same material then compete using challenges to see who is learning more or learning in greater depth.


If you look at studies related to competition and learning you will see that HEALTHY competition boosts the learning process.

Healthy competition has nothing to do with how fast a person can complete a course. A level playing field is how we can compare skills learned and our ability to apply them to a variety of problems.

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If adding a game like quality is forcing this much pushback on a simple u.i. issue then I’d say there is more going on with your outlook. I’m not the be-all end-all decision on this, but I do think adding a competitive leaderboards situation to this program would be an absolute perfect fit. Also, nowhere in the above post does it say that you would have to be competitive. They even mention doing it with a similarity to the app Duolingo. Which if observed, would show you that its completely passive and only serves you if you look at it. Just my opinion.



Hi @zofiakraszewska! I think that, when just getting started, it can be very helpful to have a buddy system of sorts to keep you on track while you create your habit.

I think that @mtf’s stance is one for the seasoned, committed lifelong learner. For most of us though, we could use a little self-trickery to get into the groove. :slight_smile:

Have you considered this 14-day challenge we’re testing out?