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ok I found the problem on return on line 42, to be return [I]
but the game is kinda bugged it says invalid move try again, help anyone
Im stuck on this problem. Any help please?

Ok so I figured out why but although the game works, it say Invalid Move after each time and for some reason I doesn’t play. Help please

so I just updated the code, now it works but for some reason I still get Invalid code at the very end, any help would be great.

if user_input == choices[I]: to line 42

Im done with the project but for some reason I can’t actually solve it. it keep going Invalid Move at the end. Any help?

Oh I was just getting the solution wrong. It works fine now thanks

Glad you got it to work. I was just looking at your original code, and just got it working when I saw this post. Happy coding!

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