[Tourist Attractions] Build Python Web Apps with Flask - Unable to complete due to lack of instructions

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I’m working on “ Tourist Attractions ” project in “ Build Python Web Apps with Flask ” and I got stuck at some steps and wasn’t able to complete due to lack of instructions. Can you check all the instructions of this project?

Can’t find tags mentioned in instructions in location.html

Step 5

  1. Inside the <tbody class="loctable"> tags create a for loop that surrounds the <tr> tags
  2. Inside the <td class="loc"> tags insert the name attribute of the location object
  3. Inside the <td class="desc"> tags insert the description attribute of the location object

Step 7

  1. Inside the <td class="btns"> tags create an if statement that surrounds the <form> tags

Step 14

  1. Inside the <form class="addform" tag set the action attribute to url_for() that takes the add_location route function as an argument

Can’t find the statement mentioned in instructions in app.py

Step 9

  1. Inside the locations() route function replace the False condition of the if statement with a check that the request object’s method attribute equals POST

Step 10

  1. Replace the [(None, None)] statement with the output of the items() method of the request objects form attribute
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Thanks for bringing this up! This has been reported recently and hopefully they’ll patch it up soon. It’s still a new module so it’s going to have a few rough patches.

If you’re interested in more resources for learning flask, I recommend Miguel Grinberg’s blog (and his O’Reilley edition book, it really is a must-own), Corey Schaffer’s youtube channel, and the flask subreddit has a lot of helfpul knowledeable users on it.


Thank you for letting me know that.