Totally disappointed with Codecademy

I am very disappointed of what Codecademy is turning into. I used to like it a lot because of the company vision and values. I did 2 intensive courses at their site and I just completed Porgramming with Python and had access to all Pro materials until the 18/12/2018. It used to be mentioned on the website all Pro Intensive members could also access to Pro materials. This was always the privilege of being a Pro Intensive member. Since the 19/12/2018 I started another intensive course Introduction to Data Analysis but now I no longer have access to any Pro materials. My moderator said the two memberships allow you to access to different materials. This is absolutely untrue because I am sure Codecademy just changed the policy, removed that line on the site, stopped allowing Pro Intensive members to access to Pro materials staring this week.
I will say accessing to different materials was one of the privileges why I was willing to pay more(199USD one-time instead of 20USD a month). Now paying the intensive course only gives you access to the materials within this course, you have no extra benefits and can no longer learn other Pro courses outside your track unless you sign up the monthly membership as well. Codecademy is now turning into a money grubbing website that is nickel and diming their clients. This should be the last intensive course I will do at Codecademy even I was planning to do the Machine Learning and Data Visualization with Python after this course. Sad but it is Codecademy makes me leave…


So what ? do you think everything should be for free in this world.
I think behind all of this there are people working to maintain, create and develop all this content.
If you think that you should not pay for that, you should create your own codecademy and then you will probably do the same as for money.


Do you work for this company? And how much have you paid? I paid the most expensive membership 199USD 3 times already nor did I say I wanted the materials for free. If Codecademy have offered that privilege before, they should continue to provide it to the members who have been supporting them for a long time. Or they could have announced the changes openly instead of secretly deleted the line and took away the things which were always provided. I am unhappy with the fact that they ask people to pay the same price for less. Moreover, they are now actually using 60% of the same content as you will pay the Pro monthly membership for the Pro intensive membership. It was not the case before; before they had separate materials for the Pro intensive members. So this makes the costs much lower (i.e. no need to create separate materials anymore). That also makes your point invalid.


I’m not working for them,
But instead of complain here, try to reach them and explain them your points.
You may find a positive issue try it!!!
But trust me your dissapointment do not really matter regarding the impact of this platform (there are ofcourse many improvement that has to be done

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I already reached out to them via and via intensive course forum…yet no response from the decision makers…I shared my opinions here so that other fellow students will be aware of this as well. This site was always my go-to online learning site because they offer rich but affordable materials for people who have limited financial resources. This change means extra cost for me and other Pro intensive members who want to access to Pro materials too. I truly hope they will change it back to the previous model for their loyal customers. (As I was planning to do two more intensive courses after the 3rd one)…
Thank you for sharing your opinions and spending time reading this thread.

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That’s a Shame. Hopefully, they will undo this…

I appreciate it because I was looking into doing an Intensive and if I can’t access pro content along with it I will not be doing it.

I agree that they need to make sure it’s not too expensive and give good bundle pricing for Intensive Users, BUT I believe the free platform should be gradually fazed out or supported with ads.

thanks for sharing with us!

Much Love, -Cole Lyons.


They need the money in order to stay open. Without it, Codecademy could close, and then nobody could learn here :disappointed_relieved:

So you’re leaving Codecademy? That’s sad to hear…

The workers are probably off for Christmas now, and not as much work if any.

Ads are a good way to pay sometimes with a big community. Maybe if t comes down to that. I don’t know…

Well, anyway, I hope this helps =)

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Hi @a-alwu, thank you for sharing your candid thoughts on Codecademy’s offerings, even if you’re not completely happy. The very real truth is that we need to hear from all learners about what’s working and what’s not so that we know how to create the tool that serves you and your learning goals best.

You make an important point that I’d like to address: one way Codecademy can help learners reach learning goals better is by being clear about what tools and content is provided at each tier of offering. Everyone has ways in which they can improve, and this is one for us. Our team is aware that we can better communicate this, and we’re making a concerted effort to do so as soon as possible.

I am sorry for the disappointment, sincerely. I’m very glad you’ve written to our support team, because as we work on our communication around offerings, it’s important we learn from learners like you so we can get it right. Thank you again. Please feel free to DM me your case number so I can work with our Support team on your case.


I dont understand why Codecademy blocked my thread for a few days before I received an answer. This is not a good way to handle customers’ complaints. And yes if Codecademy decides to change the policy, customers should have total transparency on that, especially for customers like me who have committed to 3 intensive courses. Also existing and loyal customers should have exceptions on new changes to give them what they deserve as a loyal customer. Sadly I got the response from customer service and they said the access to Pro materials would not be added back to Pro intensive membership. Again, I was planning to commit to another two intensive courses in the future but if that is the case, I will not purchase intensive courses anymore…


That’s Weird. The forums have some extremely serious problems. Some of the upper management has the illusion that these problems are not isolated to codecacemy so they think they do not need to fix them. That’s not true.

Yes CC needs to value its paying customers. I almost feel that if I was a free member I would have more privilege.

I concur. This has been a severe issue when it comes to things like course disappearing. When CC takes a course down it disappears from the user’s profile, thereby removing all proof that someone has accomplished the course.

If you need suggestions on some other courses send me a message.

Super exciting to see women in tech, good luck!

Much love, -Cole Lyons.


I am working through the JavaScript and ReactJS intensive and I am surprised at how well considered and designed the curriculum is. The community is quite responsive when I have questions. The walk through videos for the projects are great and I am learning a lot. I paid for this course and, so far, find it well worth the investment.


I have had a very similar problem where is was given a free trial for pro without my notice. I also wish they would be more clearer with the new stuff/changes they bring out.

Sad to see you leave but the community forum is free and full of people just like you, so always feel free to visit sometimes.


Sorry to hear that you have the similar experience. Yes I believe we as consumers should be able to share our opinions openly and hopefully Codecademy will realize soon that they are losing their loyal Pro intensive members by taking away one of the main features which attracted the members to join at the first place. All the best with your courses and feel free to reach out if you have other stories to share!


Thanks for your comments. I havent done the JavaScript and ReactJS courses so cannot comment on their quality. But based on the experience I have from Learn SQL from Scratch, Programming with Python and Introduction to Data Analysis, I can say that the quality of each intensive course is not necessarily consistent. Nor is the community. For the forum, it may be because of the type of person doing the courses (some people are more responsive and social while some less I guess…). I had problems in one of the courses which my moderator was away for almost 3-4 weeks due to personal issues and many questions remained unanswered for quite some time while the course was still moving forward. In fact, the biggest problem I have is that Codecademy took away Pro Intensive members’ access to Pro materials so that they have to pay separately in order to do those courses. I am not sure when you started the courses, but I started last year in June and back then I really liked the intensive courses because the most expensive membership allowed me to access to all materials. It was really worth the investment…sadly it is not the case anymore and that is also why I will not enroll to the other two intensive courses which I was planning to (Data Visualization with Python and Machine Learning)…Good luck with your courses and glad that you liked the courses.