Total utter frustration


At this point I’m not sure if I haven’t followed the course properly or the instructions are too obtuse/demand a knowlegde i didn’t acquire or I’m just plain dumb.
I cannot solve almost any of the exercises. Only after a search on the forum I can come up with something. But then I see that the solution requires some commands that were not shown in the previous lessons.
The result for me is a total and utter frustration. At this point, I think I know less about programming than I’ve started.
Maybe I didn’t understand how CC is supposed to work but it is not helping me. Are the instructions purposedly incomplete to force us to buy the paid tutoring?
So this post is for asking everybody if my experience is that common and how you solved that.


Have you used
as background info…

Or you might use the knowledge-base for a =lot= of programmers at
using google search
for instance
== discussions / opinions ==
python list for loop explained
python array vs list vs dictionary
python what is python

or search

== the Book==
for loop

You then use the exercises as a kind of exam… and guidance to aquiring knowledge of the specifics of the Python-Interpreter language…

Do you have prior programming knowledge
python python vs cc
python python vs javascript


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