Total noob, problems just getting Git Bash/SQLite to communicate

Hey, brand new to the codeworld. So, I was able to download both Git Bash and SQLite. However, I’m pretty confident I followed the instructions from my course to get the two working together, and I just keep getting this error:

$ cd ~/Downloads/sqlite-tools-win-x64-346000/
bash: cd: /c/Users/ehing/Downloads/sqlite-tools-win-x64-346000/: No such file or directory

Git Bash opens to a terminal. If I just click the extracted sqlite file, another terminal opens. I just can’t get them to do what the course says they should.

I swear I’ve tried it 1000 times, tried adding it to my Path (I think!)…I just can’t figure it out. I’m more about the data viz, but want to learn about how to get and mine and clean the data too. I didn’t realize I’d have to be a programmer just to get a download to work!


I think you may just be missing a 4th 0 at the end of the file name where you have only 3…(with commas for easier visibility: 3,460,000)

You were correct about that extra zero, but unfortunately that wasn’t ultimately the problem. I removed the extra instance of the address and didn’t get an error. But then it failed on the next part of the course instructions.

ehing@DESKTOP-TD7K8CF MINGW64 ~/Downloads/sqlite-tools-win-x64-3460000
$ winpty .sqlite3.exe
winpty: error: cannot start ‘.sqlite3.exe’: Not found in PATH

Something else I don’t know how to program apparently…

Ok, another simple fix, I think. Looks like you have another typo,you’re missing the forward slash (‘/’) after the period.
for the winpty command to start your program (sqlite.exe), it needs to know where to find the file. The ./ in front of the file name is the “relative path”/address location of the file that winpty needs.


These issues you’ve been having aren’t really “programming” related. I think you’re just struggling from being unfamiliar with using command line terminals, shell terminals, git bash, etc (all the same concept, but with differences). Hopefully, once you get past this set-up stage of your course, you’ll have less frustration with the rest of it.

I saw the beginning pages of the course gave links to other courses and resources to learn more about the command line. They’ll teach you how to interact with your computer’s file system direclty. I found it interesting, you may too. At the very least, it will help you with other courses you take.

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