Total Newbie, need advice for first project

Hey there, I need advice for my very first project.
I’m currently working with adobe brackets.

Obligatory Sorry if there is any grammtical errors or wrong words, my mother language is German.

So I want to create an HTML for my (pretty boring) job, that calculates the cheapest combination of multiple cars, and their “SF-Klasse”, a discount for your car insurance, based on how long you’ve been driving without any accidents, as you can swap these around inbetween your own insurance contracts, and contracts your family has. Obviously the more expensive cars need to get the higher discounts, but with 10 or 20 cars and therefore a lot of possible combinations, it gets a little bit messy, so I thought of optimizing it like this.

I have the base for it in HTML, with a little bit of Javascript, that lets you input variables (the license plate, the prices of the car insurances without any “SF-Discount”, and the “SF-Klasse” currently in the cars contract).

I need advice for a couple of things, as following:

  • the ability to add the same Inputs I currently have, for not only one, but as many car insurance contracts as you want (up to like 20 or 30), if possible in a way that after typing in all of the inputs, you just press an “additional Car” Button, it saves the data/variables from the current one, and lets you add everything for the next one.

  • saving the percentages to each “SF-Klasse” (from SF0 to SF35), determining how much discount each one adds (SF1=40% discount, SF2=43% discount and so on).

  • after adding the Inputs for as many cars as you need, a button that calculates the cheapest combination of ALL the cars and
    discounts (obviously higher base prices go with higher discounts).
    I guess this requires some formula, that Checks the prices without any discounts with every discount from every contract you add,

  • if possible a table chart that appears after pressing the “final Button”, that shows the combination of license plates with the respective discounts for the cheapest combination possible.

Is all of that possible/achievable for a total beginner? And is an HTML the right way for now?

If you have the time for it, i’m happy about any piece of advice or help with that.

Here is the html I currently have, on Github!

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