Tossing in an array - Whats wrong with my code?


Is there anything wrong here? It seems fine to me O_O.

"Add an address property to each of your friends and set that property equal to an array value."

var friends = {
firstName: "Steven",

age: 50,
eyeColor: "brown",

bill: {
firstName: "Bill",
lastName: "sodder",
number: "(206) 555-5555",
address: ['One Masd Way','Redmond','WA','98052']


steve: {
firstName: "Steve",
lastName: "Matt",
number: "(206) 555-5555",

   address: ['One dsaay','Resad','WA','98052']




Are you getting any reference errors + could I see a link to the exercise.


Hi thanks - It is number 5 - tossing in an array'

says "SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier"


What are you planning on doing with this?

Your missing a comma at the end, it needs a comma because you are going to be defining steve after him.


Hi william, thanks - not sure what you mean by "do with this"?> I followed the exercise from the lesosn before and this was the result. Am I suppose to be adding more to the object outside of BILL and STEVE?


No, I was wondering why you were adding this object descriptions when you only have to define Bill and Steve.


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