Topsy Turvy Forum

It’s more easier to read the previous forums than the present where I can’t see where to proceed.

If you use the =search= facility
you have the =options=

Search Help

  • Title matches are prioritized – when in doubt, search for titles
  • Unique, uncommon words will produce the best results
  • Try searching within a particular category, topic, or user


order:views order:latest order:likes
status:open status:closed status:archived status:noreplies status:single_user
category:foo user:foo group:foo badge:foo
in:likes in:posted in:watching in:tracking in:private
in:bookmarks in:first
posts_count:num min_age:days max_age:days


  • rainbows category:parks status:open order:latest
    will search for topics

  • containing the word “rainbows” in the category “parks”

  • that are not closed or archived,

  • ordered by date of last post.

  • rainbows category:“parks and gardens” in:bookmarks
    will search for

  • topics containing the word “rainbows”

  • in the category “parks and gardens”

  • that are bookmarked by you.

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I totally agree SIR! In the viewpoint of the developer that is very clear to you. But,in the views of the newbie he/she doesn’t know where to go given your complex ideas. What I say again the previous set-up is much simple and easy for us to look for our answers.

@designsurfer59206 The thing is, these forums are for a different purpose than the old ones. They’re a little more confusing, but now people are having fun discussions and putting up challenges, rather than just answering questions.
I think the little bit of confusing-ness for the extra features makes it worth it, even for people new to here :slight_smile: