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Let’s talk about that.

Isn’t it normally commented out… Does this forum c&p “//” when copying code into forum from codecademy?

Isn’t what normally commented out?

It does not.

replace this line with your code

That line is not normally commented out.

You can go to most categories, for example, this one, click the + New Topic button, and view the template.

Well, the best template I could make is this:

**Exercise URL:** 

**Error message:** 

```Paste your code UNDER this line ↓ 


Because the only thing more annoying than


replace this line with your code

I would argue that there are many things posted here that are more annoying than either one of those.

As an experiment, I’ve changed the template in the 4. Social Networking Profile forum to the text that you have suggested.

Let’s watch that for awhile.

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Yay! :stuck_out_tongue: