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In topic not again,

when we write code to guess if the location is already guess,
we haven't created a function to iterate...after the first wrong guess..!!

so , if we guess and and x is put on board... we don't get a second chance to guess again..


True, you will do this in later exercise

sometimes, we have to do things which will not payout immediately (checking if the user already guessed those coordinates), instead they are a strategic step which will pay of later (when you add the loop in on of the next exercise)


"in not again"
it became difficult to test the code..
so i thought so:
thank you once more for such quick and prompt replies..! it really helps


yes, it becomes difficult because you can't test the multiply guesses, you can test it later once you added the loop. For now, have faith in your skills that you did it right (and that the exercise validates your code)


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