Topic 7: Keeping it Inline. When I change the nav css info to inline the contact doesn't go inline. Why?

Hi in topic 7 keeping it inline I know I’m supposed to change nav li to display: inline; which I’ve done. But when I change the nav element in general to inline 1. nothing happens and 2. if I’ve changed nav li to inline and then change nav to inline the contact button at the bottom doesn’t change. Why?

Also is nav ul by default display: inline; ?

Furthermore, in testing float on the contact button, when I put a float left for the contact-btn it then went on the same line as the navigation li information, but before it wouldn’t. Is there a precedence for the contact-btn class selector?

float removes the element from normal flow, which is why the nav appears just to its right. It has nothing to do with precedence.

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