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I keep getting this error message: Oops, try again. Did you remember to put some link text between your tags? You can’t leave them empty!

But I have incorporated link text in my tags. Is anyone else getting that error message.

This is my code: <a href="">Introduction</a>

Am I doing something completely wrong?

Can you please paste in your HTML as code
How to insert code into a post

As now I see the link not your actual code

Hi there, this is the task I received: Add a link to your HTML page using <a href="url">Link text</a> tags (check the Hint if you need a reminder). You can link to any webpage.

I inputted the following: <a href="">Introduction</a>

but I keep getting an error message saying I have put a link between the <a></a> tags. I have though?

Can anyone help me please?

Could you please add your HTML-code in plain-ASCII…

Could I see all your code in your body tags as I can’t see anything wrong with your a tag maybe there is something broken before it

   <a href="">Introduction</a> 
<img src=""> <a href=""></a>
    <h1>The Beginning</h1>
    <p>Once upon a time, there was a girl...</p>

There it is. Thank you for your responses.

You have a link without text here:

<a href=""></a>

Which causes the error, either remove it or add some text between the link opening and closing tag

Oh my goodness, I wasn’t even looking at the image. Thank you so much!