I'm stuck on topic 13. I don't really understand what is going on so can someone pleaase explain where I've gone wrong and how to get myself out of this ditch. Thanks, all help is much appreciated.


Hey @codingclaudette in the else statement on the return. First go four spaces right, then type in False.... Tells you in instructions + error ><


No, the problem is not with the NOT, the problem lies exactly at how you are stating the else's statement and the return @codingclaudette.

In yours else's statement you are doing:

else:10 > 5
I'm pretty surprised nobody had you notice it aswell the codecademy editor, since this is a SyntaxError.
First of all, after the else statement you do not type anything in general, what I'm talking about is line 12,
never, but never do else:10 > 5 you just type else: and that's it.

As @amanuel2 made you notice, retype your return statement, Falsemust be close to return like True is in line 5 just like that return False.
Another error, check line 11, are you sure your if statement MUST return False? recheck that piece of code.

Let me know if you have any doubts regarding this :smile:

P.S: It's mostly for you and to learn coding, but do not delete the comments in the exercise that the author writes down for you, or how are you supposed to learn properly? IMHO I'd just reset the code, and read from the beginning the whole exercise slowly and code again :smile: