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need help doing the my name variable i put my_name= "Eric" like the example said but it keeps saying error. how do i do it right?


Hi Kingfranklin,

Could you please post the exact error message you're getting along with all of your code?
Thanks :)


oops, try again. did you declare a variable called name?



did you declare a variable called name?

See anything wrong there?


not anymore thanks for the help



Not sure if I am too late to join in on this Q&A but I am receiving the same error as "kingfranklin" did an sadly am not progressing.

my_variable =name 
my_string = "Chris"

Is there supposed to be a boolean or something??

I have also tried many variations of this such as:

variable =name 
my_string = "Chris"

variable_name = "name"

All come up with is " did you declare a variable called name? "

What error is staring me so close in the face that I cannot see it?


Hi @datasolver79601,

It'd be preferable if you create a new topic next time, instead of using someone else's :)

You've tried the variables my_variable, my_string, variable, and variable_name, but you need to use the variable name. Like this:

name = "Chris"


hi @datasolver79601
I've been in some trouble recently

first off I've made the codes ( my_name = "Eric" ) and ( name "Eric" ) to see if anything would change but nothing would happen and i would keep on getting the same message

Oops, try again. Did you declare a variable called name?

and I've tried many other ways but nothing would work can you please help?


also ive read over this conversation before and didn't get any of the replies


You're missing the equal sign (=):

name = "Eric"
  // ↑ here


thank you i did name = "Eric instead i appreciate it