Took me forever but I think I manage to make a good one

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Hello @emmasecrest466096802!!

Congratulations on completing your personal portfolio website!!

I really love your webpage. The background is so cool, and I love the way that the color of your name changes (and stays changed) when you hover over it. I also love your buttons (at the top of the page), they’re awesome as well. There are a couple things to work on:

  • Try using some different fonts (that aren’t “fallback fonts”). You can do this with Google Fonts, if you haven’t already used it (and decided not to).

  • Where you display your projects showcase, maybe add an image of your project (with the image as the clickable link).

  • Lastly, for some reason, your LinkedIn image isn’t showing up.

Congratulations again on completing your webpage!! :slight_smile:

Hello Emma,
I want to start by recognizing your accomplishments. You have really given a lot of time and energy to some difficult tasks. Bravo!
Now for the project and what I found could be improved, coming from a user experience. As mentioned already, fonts could be added to improve the visual aspect and give less of a basic look to the page. With that said, a different text color would help with the reading difficulty I was presented with. A new background and/or choice of having it repeat, try to have a different idea for each section or not to repeat it. Add some more resources and design.
Your links work well, and you have it so the page opens in a new window when clicked, which I like when browsing web pages. I will also mention that I am using Chrome on Windows 10. Thank you for sharing and I wish you the best with your future goals.