Took me a minute...Portfolio Website!

Yo what up!

Took a while to get this done but that’s because I want this to be a base to build on as I progress further in the path. Feels good to finish it for now, but there is always room for improvement, especially as I grow.

Check out the repo here.

See it live here.



Congrats!! Happy for you. I know this took ALOT of dedication and work. I hope you are able to find your dream job!

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Great site! love the look and feel of the site. very good vibes over at your site :grin:

feedback: I noticed the images in your contact me section of the site are a little buggy. I am guessing this is because you are changing your border size and its effecting the size of the parent element.
suggestions: 1. make the parent div bigger.
2. Instead of changing the size of the boarder. keep the border at the same size and change the opacity of the border color in css.

Love to see people crushing their goals and advancing their skill! keep it up!

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I did leave it like that on purpose, but on second thought it probably would look better if the icons didn’t shift when the border appears.

Changed it now so that the border on the icons persist with the same colour as the background, and changes colour on hover. That shifting shouldn’t happen anymore on those contact images.

Thanks for the feedback!

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