ToDoApp With Login/Registration System

Hey guys! I created this todoapp(with login/registration system) from scratch with my partner @senssessss . It is built using Angular Js And firebase.

If you want Github: Here

If you want to see actual site: Here

This is just a small demonstration of what Angular Js + Firebase can do. There are more to come soon so stay Updated! :smiley:

If you have any suggestions/bugs i should fix in the future, or want to know more in detail how this app was created or want to enlist in the group feel free to reply down below. Anways

Have an awesome day!

I really like the concept, and execution of it, but I would suggest further alignment, as everything feels a bit off-center. Perhaps also an option to delete the to-dos, or to check them off! :slightly_smiling:

Oh. Did not think of that. Well ill fix that on my later projects. Thankyou for your advice @cadecodes!

You’re welcome! Just inform me again if anything major happens on the site, I’ll check and review it more in-depth when I have time! :slightly_smiling: