To add images on HTML


Hello everyone. I’m trying to look for help because I’ve been trying to put images on a website I’m building now, but I think more explanation about this. I tried to do it either with the URL or from a file on my computer and I don’t know what it may be wrong. Could you give me more advices about this? I would appreciate your answers and have a nice day!


There are two common options:

  1. store the images on the server which also serves the html files (or your local machine during development). Then when a user visits your website, the server just sends back the html + css + assets (images)
  2. store the images on CDN. Here you would use a url. Your server (or local machine during development) would store the html, and you use an url for image source stored on the CDN server.

i think for now you should go for option one

just use a file path for the image source. This works as long as the images are stored on the same machine as the html files (again, server or local machine during development)


Thanks a lot! It worked now! But the further I’m going, the more information I will need, but step by step, so far. Thanks anyway.