Tkinter module not found error

I’m trying to load an image from my computer into the Codecademy workspace, and I’m trying to use
tkinter to do it.

Every time that I try to get the file to load in, it says that there is no module called tkinter.

I’ve tried using Tkinter and tkinter, but I don’t know if I’m on Python 2 of 3. I’m also on a chromebook, which might be part of the problem.

Do you have it installed on your machine? Do you have Ubuntu or Linux?

This may help:

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Do you mean using tkinter on your own machine or on the cc workspace?

I don’t know if the workspaces would support tkinter or indeed any GUI even if it was installed (which I don’t think it is, I think they use some fairly stripped back containers hence the fact you cannot import it).

I think this question has been raised before for those looking to use images e.g. for django/flask and the easiest solution wound up being to upload the file elsewhere and make use of the hyperlink (you might find some discussion or preferable alternatives if you search the forums).

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You are correct. I also don’t think workspaces would support that.

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