That is the old learning environment, which is no longer supported, so there won’t be a fix. Visit codecademy.com and please pick a supported course.

And going all the way back to that earlier thread, still nobody has posted a link to the exercise in question. Please post a link when creating a topic, whether for Q&A assistant, or to report a bug.

Sorry mtf, but not true.

Screenshot was shared.

Codecademy Help Desk staff member seemed content enough with that screenshot to make decision and commented:
“This needs to be fixed! Thanks for sharing screenshots! :slightly_smiling:

These are the same links as I posted in original message at top of this thread.
PLUS I’ll add one in response to your comment ->

It’s a pretty easy fix, the Markup was mistakenly duplicated in the CSS file.
So… Update CSS file.
All will then be good.


Not able tor reproduce any error conditions with embedded or external CSS and script.

Help Desk is not a staff position, just a forum member. There are no staff on the forums except Pro Advisors.

Screenshots are not a suitable substitute for a link, imho.

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