Title tags broken


I saw another post and I couldn't find it again to thumbs up it, bump, or anything so I'm making a new one. The title tag < title > shows up empty in the previewer. The submit button says I did fine. So I just keep moving but it is a little undermining. Leaves a feeling like I'm skipping over, or missing, important information. Please Fix.


it is suppose to show up in the browsers tab, but due to codecademy uses of iframe it won't. try it in a local html file or on a site like jsbin


I have found that by adding an = symbol before the closer, makes the title go through.
EX: < title=>blahdeeblah< /title>
Without spaces of course.


why would you want to show your title on your actual webpage? we can use headings, paragraph and many more html elements to achieve, while title is the only one which shows in the browser tab. Would be a bit dull if you browser tab was blank when you made your own website