Title not displaying

Hello all,

I’m just starting out with HTML and I keep running into the problem that my title doesn’t display. The following code checks out and the Code Academy tutor recognizes it, but it doesn’t display the header. Any help is greatly appreciated!


<!DOCTYPE html>

<title>German to English Translations</title>

<body> I offer personalized German to English translations for all mediums. As a native English speaker and experienced language professional, my translations ensure that your website, book, pamphlet, etc. will be understood by an international audience.


Hello, Luke!

In HTML the `` tag is not visible on the page but instead, will be shown at the top of the web browser window, or on the tab, for example it might say 'Facebook - Messages', but on Codecademy, because it uses a frame, which contains your HTML page, it shows the title of the CC course instead of the one you wrote, although if you saved the HTML code as a .html file on your PC and ran it in a web browser, it would show up as what you put it as.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for your response! Much appreciated.


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If you want to see this in action, you can create your own html file or go to jsbin, jsbin allows your title to be besides jsbin own title

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That was bugging me too! Thanks for explaining.

You’re welcome, but please try not to revive 9 month old topics :confused: