Title not appearing! why not?



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Hey everyone! For some reason on all of the exercises my titles are not showing up. Does anybody know why?

Thank you!

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Because codecademy uses something called an iframe, preventing the title from showing up in the browser tab where it should. You could try it on jsbin, which allows your title beside theirs. Even better would be a local html file


Hi! Thank you for replying. I’ve tried my code in there but also not showing up??


Did you check the browser tab? Like the title in the actual browser tab


What do you mean by the browser tab? Sorry!


Are you aware that this is where ^ the title will appear ?
On the tab, NOT text on the page

Where currently it says: “Title not appearing! why n”


Ah okay didn’t realise that! Still can’t see it on jsbin though?


I miss paint, i really need a alternative for that. But on jsbin, it does show in the browser tab, as you can see in this screenshot.


Haha. Got it, see it now! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


A image i altered with paint. I know, you already solved it, but still. And because of codecademys uses of something called iframe, this will not work in the lessons. If later you create your own html files, the title will occupy the full browser tab