Title and Lists!

Hi. We did the Social networking profile and got stuck. The title won’t display and then the lists won’t recognise that we have done 4 of them and come up with an error. Any thoughts would be marvelous!

You switched up the <ul> and <li> tags.

Something like this should work for the list:

    <li>Watching youtube</li>


The title should show up since your code for the title is correct.

Source(s): http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_li.asp

@amandovledder indeed shows how list are build, there are two types of list:


unordered list (ul) and ordered list (ol) inside the (un)ordered list you can add list tags:

  <li>list item</li>
  <li>list item</li>

li1 and li2 are no valid tags.

Concerning title, is should show up in the browser tab, but due to codecademy use of iframe it won’t. You can create a html file on your computer to see it work, or on jsbin, that allows your title as well

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Hi Marcus,

No guarantee fixing these will pass you, but they probably will:

  • You do not include numbers inside an <li> tag. Your lists should look like:
  <li><!--content --></li>
  <li><!--content --></li>
  <li><!--content --></li>
  • You closed your <body> too soon. Everything you want to show up should be inside the <body>

And the reason the <title> isn’t showing up is because it displays in the tab.
And the reason it’s not even showing up in the tab is because your page is being run inside an <iframe>, which is a container for other webpages inside a webpage. A page inside an <iframe> has restrictions on it, for both security and non-annoyance reasons - it would be really annoying if every page with an embedded YouTube video changed the tab’s title and icon so you thought you were on YouTube when you weren’t :slight_smile:


& I was too slow in typing this up and stetim94 beat me :slight_smile:

Its really weird but if you erase the ‘e’ in the first title tag ie:(titl) you’re title will show up on the tab and it doesn’t give an error

well, sometimes at least.

no, title is suppose to show up in the browser tab, but because codecademy uses iframe, this can’t happen. Try on jsbin or html file on your computer would be even better