Tips on how to study the Web Development Path

Hi everyone!

I have started on the Web Development path course and I am currently on Chapter 3: Getting Started with JavaScript. My problem is that I seem to have lost proficiency in HTML and CSS (I had no prior knowledge in programming). I can only vaguely remember the concepts and syntax.

My question is: What is the best approach to revision for this particular course? Should I go back and redo a whole specific chapter again? Or should I go back and practise the projects only in each chapter? Or should I just re-read the cheatsheets?

I am looking for the best way to optimise my learning experience with this course and in Codecademy in general. Thanks in advance!

Hello @code3288516544, welcome to the forums! I would recommend redoing the basic lessons in HTML and CSS, even if you only do the first module of this course. That will give you a good grounding of the basic HTML concepts. Then maybe even do a project using HTML and CSS, to cement your knowledge. Then, you should have retained enough HTML to be able to continue with the JS course easily.
I hope this helps!

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I am also on the Web Development path, but one chapter ahead of you.
Do you have VS Code installed?

I find that using VS Code to make web pages to be a good way of implementing what I have learned so far. Perhaps you could start the foundations of a website for someone you know?

Thanks for the advice @codeneutrino @tag4711444728 !

I’m going to start on a simple project about my favourite blues musician using just HTML & CSS. I will post it on the forums when it’s ready.

On a separate, is there a prominent site that recommends projects to practice HTML & CSS on? So newbies like me can get more practice.