Tips for getting an entry level web development job

What skills are most valuable? Is education more important than a portfolio? Is there any companies that I should look into? Anybody that can help me with some good information will be much appreciated. I have been studying web development/programming for quite a few years ( in the classroom and on my on ) and I am really excited to start my career someday, but I would love some tips from people who maybe help give me a jumpstart!

The CodeNewbie podcast has been great for my confidence. It features a lot of interviews like this one with people who started from scratch, taught themselves to code, and got a job. It’s great to hear people’s personal stories about how it worked out for them and what they did.

I’ll also say that a theme throughout the interviews is that formal education (computer science degrees) is really not necessary. Your portfolio decides whether you get the job these days.


how that is crazy, thank you!