Tip = 15/100 different from tip = 0.15


When I use "tip = 15/100" on 3. Tip
Codecademy says tip = 0 and not 0.15 as it should be, but if i use "tip = 0.15" I pass the session without any problem.

Is there an issue with my code or is this a bug from codecademy?

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In Python 2.x this will return an integer, namely, 0.

Try converting the outcome to a float.



If I use

tip = float(15/100)

I get the error message: "Oops, tente outra vez.
Parece que tip é 0.0 em vez de 0.15."



We need a link to the lesson so we are in the exercise context, and everyone reading the same question/instructions. Please post a link. Thanks.

Nous avons besoin d'un lien vers la leçon que nous sommes dans le cadre de l'exercice, et tous ceux qui lisent les mêmes questions / instructions. S'il vous plaît poster un lien. Merci.


Here it is:



We have to type exactly as given (expected).

tip = 0.15


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