hey I have a question how do I know how long i’ve been on because (just so you know i’m okay with this)
my dad say’s that I have to do 120 minutes of code acadamy a week or else I can’t get on my computer for anything but code acadamy next week

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To be real honest, two hours a week is not that much. Two hours a day is not that much. If you want to learn coding, then commit to six hours a week of honest work and you’ll more than satisfy your dad’s conditions as well as grow a new learning cell and pick up a skill. Win-win.

Now if the question is about whether your activity is logged we can’t say; however, the best evidence would be your own browser history. It will have all the CC pages you viewed, and their time and date information.


You can also keep a log-diary, marking the lessons done in said time. Could be useful for organization too.

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