Time wasting


Rubbish site just rubbish very time wasting even the forum site wants you to write in a format that is identical to everyone else

i just joined and the 1st question wouldnt except my answer even though it was the same as code hint but using my own details

the next question

  1. Inside of a console.log, add 3.5 to your age.
    so i wrote
    console.log(46 + 3.5); and the answer came up in log as 49.5 seems ok yes
    but wouldnt let me go on to the next step so i waste time questioning my self what ive done wrong
    the answer was

console.log(3.5 + 26);

so i revised my age 1st

console.log(3.5 + 46); log results in the same answer 49.5

the site is time waisting so i quit to find a much more useful site

i imagine lots have had similar problems but i couldn't find much my conclusion the moderators of this forum will delete the truth

Replace this line with your code.


Please don't be so quick to insult this site and forum when you are the one that could be on the wrong, first of all in the exercise you are on you didn't follow the instructions that is why you could not pass and second of all you only joined this forum 21 hours ago so how can you say it's rubbish if you are completely new? :slight_smile:


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