Time To Code!

When is your favorite time to code- morning, noon, or night? (or are you the type to pull an all nighter everyday :joy:) Also, does it vary from day to day, or do you stick to a schedule?


As a rule I try to avoid late nights for anything important if I can help it… for trivial things I’ll allow myself to code at night if I have the energy.

I try to divide it more into times when I have clarity and energy. So usually not right after an hour of doing something else that’s mentally difficult/tiring. I try to set all the “difficult” conceptual stuff earlier so I know I can tackle it (and usually this involves planning to get a good sleep as well if it’s important).

Obviously it’s a very personal system. Mileage will vary greatly.


@toastedpitabread I totally agree!I think that’s a very nice approach you have to tackle code.
Sleep is important, and so is that energy! :star_struck:

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It varies from moment to moment.
(Heh, it’s a quote from…nevermind)

But yeah it really varies, although I usually like to code from 3pm to 6pm :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like to code all the time. Any time I could get to code, I would do it. You also have to work hard and grind. See, I am just a beginner. I still need to learn the rest of HTML. :slight_smile:

I prefer early morning when I have had some coffee.
Sometimes in the afternoon and rarely at night unless I have the mental energy.

I agree with @toastedpitabread:

:woman_technologist:t2: :coffee: :city_sunrise:


@yizuhi What are you up to these days? :wink: (*ahem*…bruce)
also, “usually” is noted :grin:

@aramservices Awesome advice! And hope you have a fun learning journey with your HTML :four_leaf_clover: :+1:

@lisalisaj the early :bird: gets the … coffee? :joy: well said - early mornings and afternoons are great times, too!


I code throughout the day, mostly afternoon, but then it is pretty much all just working on examples, not full fledged projects. Every two hours or so I take the dogs for a twenty minute walk which keeps up my posture and general fitness as well as giving my eyes a chance to look over many distances. It helps to reduce fatigue, both mental and vision.

Mind, we’re talking senior citizen here. Back in the day it was not uncommon to code from lunch time straight through the wee hours and sleep from 7 to noon. That was when I had multiple sites to maintain and upgrade over a sixteen year period. That’s all gone now so my time is my own. Best to look after one’s health, and have other priorities, not just coding.


I usually code in the evenings, though it can vary day-to-day. I tend to lose focus late at night so I usually try to avoid coding then, unless I’ve got a deadline I have to meet :sweat_smile: .

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omg yes :smiley:
I’m so glad you got the quote…or should I say You understood that reference? :nerd_face:


Oh yes, totally. It’s important that people are paying attention to their well-being -that is, social, mental, all aspects! Glad you try to unplug :electric_plug: every two hours or so :slight_smile:

@dr_victoria Logical! :star_struck:

Especially after dinner when getting ready for :bed:

@yizuhi oh “you’re not fooling us” here :joy: :joy: :joy: …sometimes i wish there was a captain america emoji oh well :woman_shrugging:


Hehe :nerd_face:

Yeaah, I would love love a Cap emoji :heart_eyes_cat:

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I found that building a habit helped me get to coding whenever I wanted. For example, at first I thought coding at 7am was tough. After doing it for a week now my mind goes automatically to “ok, breakfast done, let’s code!”

I’ve felt into the trap of “let’s just watch this one thing and I’ll get to it”, or “I’ll just do some gaming for a bit and get to it”. I was lying to myself. Those things took time and energy and then I felt less inclined to code, not more. Find what works for you! :smiley:


@irlfede I totally agree! When you set up a schedule, sure it may be tough to begin, but one does get used to it eventually. :+1:

morning although it varies

I prefer anytime when I can, as long as I know I am alert enough. With kids in the house, anytime when they are away or asleep is usually the best time for me!!

@web9749744185 @irfankhan786 welcome!!

coding while alert is really best …like in the mornings! :slight_smile:

I try to code whenever I can. If I’m on the go & I want to reinforce concepts, I’ll review on my phone using the Codecademy app.

Just this afternoon, I was able to make it to Codecademy’s Group Focus Session… it was my first time joining a study session like this & it went great! I was able to meet other coders & spend almost an hour working on a project in the Data Science Career Path. I hope to make it to more of these sessions! (Thanks @lilybird for hosting! :+1: )

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Thank you for your response!!! Wow… I remember classes started for me that day, and I’ve been busy ever afterwards, but I’m back on CC now! I fully intend to do more coding over summer — so basically, whenever I can, too! >U<

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I never thought about coding as something that can not only be mentally exhausting but also physically exhausting. Great insight.