TicTacToe Terminal Project

Hi guys! I finally finished my first Python program and I thought to myself why not share it with others. Please check my code out. I would greatly appreciate for any feedback.

Here is a link to my Github: Tic-Tac-Toe/TicTacToe.py at 99f48a457eeeaa5671358eb1bb0042cae9e764cb · jancgarcia3/Tic-Tac-Toe · GitHub

Looks nice!

One small thing I found is that when a player is entering a position, if they enter a not integer, than the except block displays the board on top of the loop, making it print twice. Could probably be removed from the except block.

line 84 - 86

  print("\n" + "Only enter a position not used from 1-9")

Hey thanks for pointing that out. I just looked at that mistake and fixed it.

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