TicTacTerminal Game || Hop in and share some oppinions

This is my TicTacToe game. Run the TicTacToe.py and it should be smooth sailing from there. If you have any advice I would be truly grateful for it!

Please post your own projects as well! Would be great to take part of others idéas and so. Have a good one everyone!

Tic Tac Toe Game

In TicTacToe.py the input prints ‘None’ when it prints the input text. You don’t have to use print inside the input function, it prints what is there. When you add print, input is printing the print function, so it prints ‘None’. In your player class, the str() function seems to be doing the same thing (printing ‘None’). Input accepts user input as a string, including numbers. Removing print() and str() should help because every input prints ‘None’ in the game when it gets user input. I also noticed the end_game function could accept lowercase input to play again. Just a suggestion!