Tic Tac Toe

In creating a TicTacToe game I struggled with certain aspects of making it fully functional so I used a tutorial as a walkthrough to replicate code elements that I struggled with. It required me learning some new things that weren’t fully covered in CS101. It was overall a good learning experience and I could continue to build out functionality on it by attempting to make a more graphical interface rather than terminal. There was also a learning curve in figuring out how to operate Github via Github Desktop and VSCode. On future projects I will look forward to creating more original code and not relying so much on tutorials but in this case I definitely struggled with some of the syntax and functions.

If anybody has alternative suggestions for how to complete some of these functions in a less complex way I would appreciate it.

There’s nothing wrong with using tutorials! Everyone does.
To make sure you’re learning from it, see what functions or modules you need to use, and then figure out how to implement them.
good luck, Emile

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