Tic Tac Toe


Hey guys,
New to coding here. I'm trying to get my tic tac toe game to switch turns from X to O. I've experimented with attempting to add a function to switch the class each time the click function is performed, but that hasn't worked. I've also tried adding variables (both boolean and numbers) and changing their values each time the function is performed, coupled with an if/else statement, but that hasn't worked.
In this link, I have coded functions for each the X (class= clicked) and the O (class O) to perform, but the X is the only one that does. I need them to alternate.
Any help would be appreciated,


could you provide a link to the O image…???

changed some head,div,tr,…in the index.html
in the script.js
added variable _clickStatus
inserted IF ELSE in the =tacbox= on-click function
in the stylesheet.css the O-image is missing…!!!



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