TIC-TAC-TOE Terminal Game

TIC-TAC-TOE Terminal Game

My first python project as part of CS 101 on codecademy

This is a 2 player tic tac toe game that utilizes

  • classes
  • lists
  • dictionary

The game itself was reletively simple to make; however, I did have an issue finding a way to interact with the Player class for ending the game. I eventually found it was a simple syntax error. Another challenge was refactoring the code for accidential/intentional player input errors.

The majority of the work was done using the JUNO app when I was not at home so I did not get to keep track of my commits using git like I wanted to.


  1. Feedback on overall presentation would be greatly appreciated.
  2. How someone would code this using decorators as I feel the majority of the functions use other functions continually.
  3. I also feel like I passed in a lot of class objects to these functions and some of them might be redundant.
  4. How to better improve the display_board function
    • As it is now the display_board displays on the terminal as a list I would have liked to have made that function so it does not display ['-', '-', '-'] this way and instead displayed [ - - - ] I attempted a couple of for loops but my only idea would have been to convert each list item to a string and have it display on the terminal.
    • I do plan on implementing tkinter GUI as a part of this code for a later date

You can find this repository on my GitHub

I am unsure if the codebyte is working it gives me an EOFError but it works fine in workspace and other IDE

# creates a player with name/unique symbol and sets win to False for loop control class Player: def __init__(self, name,symbol = "X"): self.name = name self.symbol = symbol self.win = False def __repr__(self): return "\n" + self.name + " = " + self.symbol + " win = " + str(self.win) # dictionary for board board = { "A": ["-","-","-"], "B": ["-","-","-"], "C": ["-","-","-"] } #start of game menu w/ logic for only inputing 'X' or 'O' def menu(): print("***************") print("* *") print("* TIK TAC TOE *") print("* *") print("***************") player1 = input("\nPlayer 1 what is your name:\n").title() symbol = input("\n" + player1 +" what symbol would you like?\nEnter X or O\n").upper() while symbol != 'X' and symbol != 'O': symbol = input('Invalid Entry\nPlease enter X or O\n').upper() player2 = input("\nPlayer 2 what is your name:\n").title() return player1, player2, symbol # displays board to terminal def display_board(): print("====================") print(" BOARD") for x in board: print(x, board[x]) print(" 0 1 2") print("====================") #function for if player wins def winner(p): p.win = True print("Congratulations " + p.name + " you have won!!!") display_board() #logic for verfing a tied game def check_tie(p): if '-' not in board['A'] and '-' not in board['B'] and '-' not in board['C']: display_board() print("There has been a Tie") p.win = True #logic for winning a game def check_win(p): check_tie(p) if board["A"][0]==p.symbol and board["A"][1]== p.symbol and board["A"][2]==p.symbol: winner(p) elif board["B"][0]==p.symbol and board["B"][1]== p.symbol and board["B"][2]==p.symbol: winner(p) elif board["C"][0]==p.symbol and board["C"][1]== p.symbol and board["C"][2]==p.symbol: winner(p) elif board["A"][0]==p.symbol and board["B"][0]== p.symbol and board["C"][0]==p.symbol: winner(p) elif board["A"][1]==p.symbol and board["B"][1]== p.symbol and board["C"][1]==p.symbol: winner(p) elif board["A"][2]==p.symbol and board["B"][2]== p.symbol and board["C"][2]==p.symbol: winner(p) elif board["A"][0]==p.symbol and board["B"][1]== p.symbol and board["C"][2]==p.symbol: winner(p) elif board["A"][2]==p.symbol and board["B"][1]== p.symbol and board["C"][0]==p.symbol: winner(p) # inserts input onto board, checks if symbol is already on board and any input errors def insert(coord, p): try: x, y = coord[0], int(coord[1]) if p == p1: if board[x][y] == p2.symbol or board[x][y] == p.symbol: print("***That space is already occupied***") play(p) else: board[x][y] = p.symbol check_win(p) elif p == p2: if board[x][y] == p1.symbol or board[x][y] == p.symbol: print('***That space is already occupied***') play(p) else: board[x][y] = p.symbol check_win(p) except ValueError:#if input is a special character print("***That was an invalid entry***") play(p) except: print("***That was an invalid entry***") play(p) def play(p): coords = input(p.name + " which space would you like?\n").upper() while len(coords) > 3: print('***That was an invalid entry***') coords = input(p.name + ' which space would you like?\n').upper() insert(coords, p) ### start of the game ### player1, player2, symbol = menu() p1 = Player(player1, symbol) if p1.symbol == "X": p2 = Player(player2, "O") else: p2 = Player(player2) while p1.win == False and p2.win == False: display_board() play(p1) if p1.win == True: break display_board() play(p2)