Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge Project (C++)

Here’s my project:

I have had help from ChatGpt to correct the logic errors.

i spent the entrety of my day friday and saturday trying to understand how to get this to work.
fixing all kinds of errors and i finally did it. without help. im excited to share this with others because i never been so happy to finish any project ever.
ive noticed other projects uses different types of functions and syntax than mine, i only know and use what codecademy has taught me

Hey guys!

This is my second project here, after the Text Adventure one.
I have also seen that a lot people write a lot of different types of code, I have only use what I learned on Codecademy until now. I haven’t managed to make it restart, but everything else works, including not letting the player write over another player’s symbol.
It does however go in an infinite loop if you write anything other than a number from 1 to 9 when playing haha. Looking forward to suggestions!