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Hi Guys,

Please I need your help to create a payment order form in html. I will want my visitors to fill in their payment order into the form and get the form submitted. once the form is submitted I want it sent directly to my email inbox.

The form should be in two part which is ‘buy or sell’ if the visitor chose on buy or sell a drop down menu will display for the visitor to enter his or her payment order once the submit button is clicked the entered information is sent to my email in-box and while the visitor receive this confirmation notice:

‘’’’’’’’’’’’‘Thanks, your order is successfully sent’’’’’’’’’’’’’

Please see the attached image below for web-page illustration:

Please I need the html code of the above illustrated web page.


You cannot achieve this by only using HTML you will need to use a server side language eg. PHP

For the HTML side of the form is quite easy use form tags with input text boxes etc or if you want nicely styled you can use bootstrap which will make it easier.

In order to send the email you will need server side language as I mentioned you can use PHP, do you know any server side language ?

You will need to know the basics in order to follow a tutorial(which I recommend you should do).

[quote="cssjumper68418, post:1, topic:76517"] Please I need the html code of the above illustrated web page. [/quote]

We are not here on the forum to dish out code, we are here to help and guide.

How to create email submit form

Do you need to do all code it yourself? Can you just use Stipe or PayPal? Stipe would probably be a lot easier and would reduce the risk of security issues. Stripe has good documentation and explanations of how to use it, I’d recommend that.

And I agree with zainabrawat - HTML alone can’t be used to make a payment. HTML does the content of a website (eg text, images etc), you still need a language like PHP to do the logic of the payment (ie make the form actually work).

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