Thread Shed Question

I’m trying to complete the thread shed project in the computer science path. It’s in module 5 and right after step 8, i print out transactions_clean and get every transaction copied 2x.

transactions_clean =
for transaction in daily_transactions_split:
transaction_clean =
for data_point in transaction:
transaction_clean.append(data_point.strip(" "))

i watched the video just to be sure it was correct. but still, every transaction in the list is tripled

not sure why the indents went away when i posted, but everything is indented correctly when i try this

The indents went away because you didn’t use the code formatting block. Post like this:
my code goes here

and the forum will retain your formatting:

my code goes here
def some_function():

Also, I don’t think you posted all your code? Can you provide the entirety of your program? :slight_smile:

Use the </> icon from the menu bar in the text box you are typing in to post code and preserve the indentations.

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