Thread Shed Project and concerns of progress

Just completed Thread Shed project after a couple of days of working on it for a hour or so a day. After completing a project I always watch the attached video to see how an experienced coder solves the project. Most of the time, (up until now) I am right alongside the coder in terms of lines and thought process.

Whenever I am doing a project I am constantly referencing the cheat sheets/stack overflow for guidance in what I am working on. I eventually completed the project after banging my head a few times, even taking breaks to think about possible solutions. I was happy, I finally overcame the challenge. Then I watched the video…

The coder is doing in 3 lines what I took 10 lines to do. It was the first time that our code looked widely different. So a few questions. Is this normal? Is my progress being stunted because I am not traveling the same path as the instructor? We came to the same conclusion but I can’t help but feel disappointed because my thought process was not the same as his.

For reference my solution for project:

I wouldn’t worry about your code being perfect. You’re still learning the basics.
Getting the task done … even if it took more code than what someone else used, is still a success.