Thoughts on Full Stack Engineer career path?

I’ve just completed my first portfolio project in the Full Stack Engineer career path and thought the course so far has been overall fantastic! There were a few areas where the explanation is not quite thorough enough (for example higher order functions in JavaScript) but in most places it’s great and gives loads of opportunities for practice.

What do you think? Are there particular areas you have found better or worse than others?

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Woooo congrats on completing your first portfolio! How was it? :smiley:

I honestly think Full Stack is amazing! I’ve only done Backend to be honest and so had to collab with Frontend Engineers on the most recent project of mine. No that I’m complaining though :smiley:

Why did you choose Full Stack btw? I found it a little too difficult and I’m more into the nitty-gritty of it anyway so I went for Backend only :smiley:

sound awesome, i just got finished with the github website hosting though found it a bit challenging hosting the site on github. To be sincere my website never appeared when it came to looking at in the browser :grinning: :grinning