Thith Meanth War

I do’nt understand anything from instructions and from Q&A.The wheel is continuously spinning. With so many problems how I can complete such a lengthy course. Pl make instructions amply clear and Q&A should give right & clear response otherwise there is no alternative then to leave the course,

The fact that you don’t understand doesn’t mean it’s not clear, it only means that you don’t understand. It’s normal to be confused when learning new things, if you expect to understand everything right away you’re not being realistic.

The instructions are very clear most of the time, and Q&A are people like you who have problems just like you do. People answering them try (well at least I try) not to give straight answers, because you don’t learn anything by getting a code and copy pasting it to move on to the next lesson. If you feel like there’s no other alternative than leaving the course, it probably means you should do so, and maybe come back at some other time where your learning mindset will be restored.

The number of exercises is important because they only cover very small notions each time, it’s made this way to not overwhelm beginners. If you feel like it’s taking too long to finish, then don’t, make a pause and come back some other time.

Good luck.

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I appreciate your advise but many times I am not able to understand the instructions and Q&A also does not help.Since I am not a computer trained person and old person of 70 yrs and just doing the courses as hobby and when stuck at a exercise for long time I feel frustrated. Your view is right and I can understand that you can not solve individual problems of thousands of students.
I will do my best to understand and solve the problems.
Here I am not remembering how to declare the variable which I have learnt in the courses completed earlier.
Thanks for the support

hi arjofocolovi
Happy Xmas holidays.
Your explanation is not true because what I have written after completing four courses and earning 48 badges.Further I am an old man of 70 yrs having no professional interests.Try to understand that not completing leads to frustration in the subject.

Hey Rajesh,

Not being able to complete the course is frustrating, but I haven’t found anything in @arjofocolovi’s answer that’s wrong or incorrect because of anything you’ve said.

which I have learnt in the courses completed earlier

It’s been a month since that post; it seems to me like it would’ve been easier and faster for you to just go back through the course and find the exercise covering variables.

But anyway, you declare a variable like this in Ruby:

variable = value

For example,

learning_to = "program"