Thith Meanth War! "What you'll be building" error

In the beginning it tells me to save and submit code to continue, there is no code to complete. I hit save and submit but the cog pops up next to reset code and the screen doesn’t change. Will someone explain to me what is going on?

Hint: You have to type in some string in the console.

I tried submitting an earlier code to see if it was my account and not the code. I hit submit and it stops on the cog and sits there. Can a CodeAcademy Instructor help me?

Hi @goresurrect, I need to know if you had typed in some string into the console after pressing Save & Submit code, and if it worked.

Thank you for over viewing this topic @gaurangtandon. I have not typed anything into the string. As the instructions state “Click Save & Submit Code to see the Daffy Duckifier in action and to start building your own!”. It does not state for me to type anything.

Excuse my lack of intelligence @gaurangtandon. All I had to do was type something very simple into the string. I just experimented after my last reply. Thank you for your help!

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