Thith Meanth War question 2/8


Hello all:

Im confused. These are the instructions.

"# Getting User Input

First, we should print a statement to prompt the user for input, then set that input to a variable using gets.chomp ."

So I type as previous example showed.

print "Thtring, pleathe!: "
user_input = gets.chomp

However, it will not run. What is wrong?



I’ve tested it with version 2.5.1p57. Seems to be working.
What do you mean with “it will not run”? Does it give an error message? If yes, what is it?


It keeps doing this thing where it says all my answers are wrong. So I press solution, and it’s the same exact thing. Also each one takes forever to load and I’ll be in the middle of coding and get a notification asking if I’m still there.