This tutorial is broken across browsers


I have been using the jQuery tutorial as a supplement to a web design course for the past two years. Recently, students have reported -- and I have confirmed -- that the tutorial does not work across a range of browsers. The students can follow along and enter answers, but the system hangs and says "Oops, try again. Please follow the instructions on the Full Preview page to test your code."

I have replicated this error on Chrome (Mac), Chrome (Windows), Safari (Mac), Edge, and Internet Explorer. In the various forum posts about this, people say "You need to open the full editor and do what it says" or "Reduce the magnification," but none of these solutions work. This error even happens on the chapters which say "Reflect on this topic and then click OK to go to the next page."

I understand that things break, but you are doing a disservice to your entire mission by not posting a public message about this to let people know that you're investigating this problem. Often, people who are learning new technical skills blame themselves when things go wrong. I wonder how many people might choose to abandon programming as a result of this broken tutorial, convincing themselves that they were just "too dumb to get it."

This is a free service, and you have an admirable mission. Please just post some sort of message about this so aspiring technology learners don't jump ship and conclude that jQuery is beyond them.


when viewing available courses , if you select jQuery (or a few others) this link pops up :

implying (blatantly stating) heavy improvements .

not discrediting your comment .
glad you brought it up .


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