This stuff is hard


Geez, ouch, this is making me feel particularly challenged. I dont want to change this to a psychiatric forum but I need to know where I stand. I believe this was supposed to be a 13 hour coarse. Ive already spent probably 25 hours, I truly havent logged it. The only way I have gotten this far is through the help of the forums github and stack overflow included. I read some of the follow ups to the inquirers post and they often respond "duh, what was I thining," while Im deer in the head lights lost. I guess at the end of the day it takes what it takes but I dont see the progression in some of this. Part of it is simple, nothing really more than copy and paste changing a couple variables around while the rest seems like magic. I enjoy it but Im spending more time than I should and it still lacks foundation. What do you think?


I find that the only way to TRUELY learn different code is to spend lots of time, and learn from other more experienced people. I have finished the JavaScript course a while ago, but I still review and read posts about it. If you're here to spend he bare minimum of 13 hours, you won't learn much.


Then Java script isnt for you. Im not trying to be rude or something, but go to python or even better RUBY.


Mate, right now he's doing Python. Just because it takes awhile doesn't mean you can't do it.


Oh then? No if you have to do it for a while then change your language cause the language your currently working on dosent work for you. And if you get the language your changed to quickly then you will be better off/more expierence. Im Just saying, No Offense.


@amanuel2 I hated all languages I tryed, until I spent time, where I learned to love them.


Interesting story never heard that before.


They say things worthwhile take time. I'm going to continue to work through it. I am slightly curious if learning ruby on rails or another coarse would better prepare me for python. I do want to learn Python and Java. Sometimes I need to just slow down and enjoy the process but any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for both for your consideration.


@morgan_c_sippel if you want learn Java and Python, I would start with Java, as you learn more fundamental programming principals.


Hey Morgan,

Four things I want to say:

  1. Different people learn at different rates
  2. Python is the hardest and longest course on all of Codecademy that isn't a combination of a bunch of courses
  3. I took Python after multiple other Codecademy courses, and was mostly OK with code stuff - Python definitely took me more than 13 hours :)
  4. Coding isn't for everyone. A lot of the people in the forums like to say it is - they're incorrect (sorry, guys). If you don't enjoy programming, it's not a bad thing for you to drop it and go work on something you like better.

I finished the course eventually, and I like Python now, though!