This site is extremely buggy,

When I started my subscription with premium last month, I was filled with so much hope as I started my journey to learn coding.

The site was fine back then but in the past couple of weeks its been a bug nightmare.
When I get stuck and look for a solution, it often does not load and now in the C# List lesson, I get a crash every time I run the code, even when I manage to get to copy the solution in the solution check, I get a crash every time.
I put time aside specifically to learn coding only to have it constantly crash in front of me.

It is a huge hit to the confidence in this site, as the guys I pay to teach me coding are not able to fix constant bugs (that I have reported several times)

I feel so exhausted and demoralised, I’m not sure what I’m paying for anymore.

Perhaps some of the following resources might help.

No solution so far has worked, the biggest problem I have so far is that I cannot even continue my C# course.

In the last chapter Lists, on page 3/11 the whole site crashes every time I submit my code, the site crashes.
I’ve tried so many times in so many ways, I cannot continue the course that I have spent the past month and a half working towards.

On top of this, I have encountered other bugs like freezing while checking for solutions, I have reported this numerous times and nothing has changed.

I pay good money to learn coding and seeing this state in the site from the people who are supposed to teach me coding is a huge hit to my confidence in it.


Hey @jebara, thanks for reporting this issue. There seems to be a sitewide issue at the moment and our engineering team is looking into it! I will update this thread as soon as I have more information. Thanks for your patience!


Hey @jebara! We just published a fix for the issue that you were experiencing in the C# List lesson. I’m so sorry for the frustration that you experienced with it not working correctly. Let me know if you encounter any more errors and we’ll do our best to resolve them.


Okay, so that section in Lists is running well now, however the solution check problem is still there.

Often times I check for solutions, they do not load.
I can leave my computer, comeback, and it still has not loaded.

Thank you for fixing the List problem.

I just want to say the infinite loading when checking for solutions is infuriating.

By the time I realise that I have to just reload the page, I already forgot what I did and was trying to check.

It makes me loose my train of thought and really hinders the learning process.

If the loading doesn’t stop, you may have an infinite loop in your code. If it just takes a long time but eventually works, it might be helpful to check your internet connection.

I’m pretty sure its not an infinite loop because a good chunk of the time there are no loops involved and refreshing and checking the solution immediately sometimes works, however if I stay on a page longer than a couple of minutes the solution check rarely loads.

Could you provide the link to the exercise where this is occurring?