This site is beautiful how was it made?

Check out this website -

it is marvelous and this is a site i would like to make similar to this for my art site.

Does anyone know what forms of code could the author have used to make this site that codecademy offers?

I know html is one of them because i searched up “cool looking html sites” and this came up as one of them.
If you guys know please let me know. I would like to make my own after completing and studying these course :slight_smile:


HTML would be your starting point to create a structure for your website, after that I’d suggest you to learn CSS and JavaScript. With CSS you’ll be able to create animation effects, transitions, apply shadows, borders, colors, gradients, create 3d effects… JavaScript will help you to add interactivity to your website or logic that can change your website layout in many ways. To create professional looking website will take a lot of time at first, but it’s definitely worth it.

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Thanks a lot elv1nas, I am currently 15 and I am very excited to begin HTML and CSS + JavaScript because making websites seems like a very fun hobby for me