For step 1 (Bonus) - i don’t understand what the answer is and it does not provide any kind of explanation from what I can see.

The question is: See if you can figure out how the instances of the List component class are automatically pluralizing their titles!

hi @kyndra_laurie ,

You can try to review the answer after running your response a few more times (although this isn’t the best way of learn but it keeps you going)

Basically is asking how can you load the list title with an ‘s’ after it if the children have more than one item. (Hint here: Look into your List.js)

In List.js file

export class List extends React.Component {

render() {
let titleText = Favorite ${this.props.type};
if (this.props.children instanceof Array) {
titleText += ‘s’;

If props.children is array it’s gonna concatenate ‘s’ at the end of titleText